Accomplishments for District 4
  1. Blight Remediation
    Blight Remediation
    Voted to fund the administration's blight remediation program Removed 4 blighted building in Brannon Hill Removed 2 blighted buildings in Waverly Place 12 blighted united demolished throughout District 4 in 2018
  2. Communication & Accessibility
    Communication & Accessibility
    Initiated a quarterly community breakfast meetings for citizens of District 4 Regularly send out email updates for citizens of District 4 Attended 108 Community meetings and events My office has addressed 829 constituent issues
  3. Libraries
    Allocated $1.5 million to Sue Kellogg Library in Stone Mountain Allocated $2 million to the Covington Library Allocated $500 to the Clarkston Library
  4. Parks and Recreation
    Parks and Recreation
    Allocated $150,000 to Johns Homestead Park Allocated $142,000 Hairston Park Allocated $42,000 to the Hamilton Recreation Center Allocated $215,000 to the Little Creek Horse Park Allocated $250,000 to the Tobie Grant Intergenerational Center Allocated $50,000 to Art Station Allocated $65,000 for the Master Plan study of Avondale Dunaire Park
  5. Professional Development
    Professional Development
    Completed ACCG Certified County Commissioner training Chairman of the County Operations Committee Completed Department Visits With: Sanitation, Fleet Management, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, District 4 Parks, DeKalb County Senior Centers, Community Development, Peachtree DeKalb Airport, and District 4 Fire Stations
  6. Public Safety
    Public Safety
    Voted to add more vehicles to police fleet Approved SPLOST money to towards fire station improvements Voted for a 3%-12% pay raise in the 2017 mid year budget Voted for two public safety pay increases, a total of 7%, in 2018
  7. Senior Citizens
    Senior Citizens
    Secured support for a $7.8 million senior center for the citizens of District 4
  8. Veterans
    Hosted the first Resource Expo for DeKalb County Veterans Allocated $20,000 for the Veterans Treatment Court
  9. Economic Development
    Economic Development
    Allocated $140,000 to determine business development opportunities along the Memorial Drive corridor Voted to approve SPLOST Decide DeKalb Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) under review
  10. Youth
    Voted to support the administration's internship program which has employed 700 youths county-wide Identified 24 interns within District 4