District 4 Senior Center
Green marker for Senior Center Site, Blue marker for Hairston Park 

District 4 Senior Center - Project Scope of Work

The proposed 21,000 sq. ft. Senior Center will provide a modern exciting and functional facility that is aesthetically pleasing to the community and meets the need of District Four seniors. The site shall accommodate approximately 100 parking spaces, covered drop-off area with main entrance, service entrance, landscaping and pedestrian plaza. Energy efficiency and a sustainability approach will be implemented. 
The proposed Senior Center will be located at a 2.7 acre, County-owned parcel at 4875 Elam Road, parcel ID# 15 256 01 007. This location was chosen after due dilligence and and a feasibility study was completed, a geotechnical investigation, jurisdictional waters delinaition, and a topographical and planimetric survey was completed. Please refer to the District 4 Senior Center Feasibility Study for test descriptions and results. 
Listed below is a summary representation of the basic space programming features to be included in the design of the facility:
  • Vestibule, lobby and reception area, security sign-in area.
  • Administrative offices, work offices, break room, copy room,
        staff restrooms
  • Multipurpose, dining hall and stage
  • Multipurpose classrooms, computer room, arts and crafts
  • ADA compliant 
  • Fitness room, yoga, dance and aerobics studio, fitness storage
  • Libary, game room, Lounge TV room, massage therapy room
  • Therapeutic lap pool 
  • Mens and Womens locker area with restrooms and showers
  • Kitchen, storage, service area
  • Utilities closet, IT, electrical, HVAC, security system.
  • Building system support spaces
  • Parking
  • Landscaping and community garden
  • Trails to Hairston Park
Application for HUD Section 108 Loan 
District 4 Senior Center Feasibility Study